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Investing in Permanent LED Lighting Improvements Boosts Property Value

Adding exterior lighting to your home is a great way not only to boost its curb appeal, but also to increase its value. If you are interested in making such an improvement, why not go all out and install permanent LED lighting?

Here are some reasons you may want to consider for installing permanent LED lights on your property.


A Cool Home Addition Like No Other

Lighting up your home’s exterior is nothing new. You do it on holidays with special lights to celebrate the season, anyway. But what if you would like to keep it that way beyond the holidays? LED lights are the perfect solution.

As you light up the exterior, the property becomes more inviting, thereby improving its curb appeal. Just be sure that your lights match the theme or style of the house and highlights its best features. Poorly-installed exterior lighting can end up looking gaudy and tacky instead of classy and elegant.

It’s not only all year ‘round, but permanent LED lights can be adapted for various occasions. You can have an LED light show on your property in celebration of the Fourth of July, for example.

You can also change the colors on nights that you’re feeling particularly festive. If you’re having a party, consider the theme and change the colors of the LED lights to suit it. Otherwise, you can simply keep it in its plain white state just to gracefully cast a soft glow on your property’s exterior.

Permanent LED lights live up to its name, as they can last for years. It doesn’t hurt, too, that they’re known to be so energy efficient and can save you as much as 85% on energy consumption for lighting.


Safety Issues

LED lights are safe for regular home use. This type of light emits less UV radiation as compared to regular light bulbs. Unlike bulb type lights, they are also cold to the touch, thereby mitigating the risk for burn injuries, and sparks that may lead to a full-scale fire. Even if they were to get broken, there is no risk of exposure to mercury.

There also used to be an issue with how strong LED lights can get, such that it may damage the retina. However, there are now filters incorporated into LED lights to diffuse this harshness to lessen the probability of eye damage.

There are plenty of reasons why you should get permanent LED lights to spruce up your property. For best results, have it installed by the professional contractors, like those from Oelo.



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