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LED Patio Lights that Outsmart Their Predecessors

We’re coming up on spring, and for a lot of folks, that means cleaning off the patio and revamping outdoor living spaces. For some, this may mean buying new outdoor patio string lightsto replace burnt out or broken strands. For others, a total patio makeover may be in the works. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, Oelo can provide durable outdoor LED patio lights that will beat out the competition.


Outdoor Patio String Lights Are Not as Tough as The Alternatives

It’s tough enough to get your patio furniture, your grill and everything else ready for the upcoming warmer seasons. Your patio lights don’t have to be a stressor or expense. Don’t get us wrong, we love the look of dramatic lighting! But we would rather take a timeless, durable option over the cheaper alternative.

String lighting in your outdoor living space is hip and fun, but not ideal for every patio area. Big, globe lightbulbs look best in an open environment. If you have a covered patio and are looking to string globe lighting from your beams, you should look at a lighting alternative. At approximately 50,000 hours of usage, Oelo’s LED patio lighting has a lifespan twice as long as outdoor patio string lightsand are easily replaced if one engine burns out. Plus,outdoor patio string lightsburst and shatter easily in wind and weather, while Oelo’s outdoor LED patio lightsare housed in a protective channel that keeps the lighting out of the elements.


LED Patio Lights That Make a Seamlessly Graceful Statement

When looking for a durable solution that will stand the test of time, choose a permanent linear option, like Oelo, that will save you from having to replace your lighting down the road. Oelo’s patio lighting is more durable than traditional string lighting, and offers you a bright, versatile option that fits well under covered patios, on deck rails and across wood or metal pergolas.

The Oelo outdoor LED patio lightssystem hosts a couple really great features. First, the LED patio lightsare 100% dimmable. Your lighting can be growing bright for fun projects with the kids, or you can dim it down for late nights under the stars. Plus, you can change Oelo’s colors for festive celebrations and put your Oelo lighting system on a timer, so they shut off when it’s time for the kids to go inside.

This outdoor patio lighting ideais great because these LED systems are more durable than string lighting, more timeless than trendy exterior mounts and are covered under a five-year warranty that insures their durability.

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