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What You Should Know About Energy Efficient Lighting and the Environment

LED lighting has swept the lighting market in recent years, replacing fluorescent and halogen lighting with a safer, more sustainable and intelligent lighting option. This Earth Day, we want to tell you how energy saving lights provide many environmental advantages over incandescent lights and other traditional options.


Environmentally Friendly Lights Contain Zero Toxins

Fluorescent lighting contains mercury, and when not disposed of correctly, that mercury contaminates the environment when those tubes and bulbs end up in landfills. Although you can arrange to have a carrier service properly dispose of old tubes and bulbs, those toxins still end up in landfills and other parts of our environment when businesses don’t use carrier services to dispose of the tubes safely.

Energy efficient lighting, like Oelo’s permanent LED lights, converts energy into bright light without having to vaporize mercury. Meaning those disposed LED bulbs don’t have a shot at poisoning the environment with mercury.  


Environmentally Friendly Lights Save A Lot of Energy and Money

Energy efficient lighting uses about 50% less electricity than your traditional incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting options. How? More energy is converted into light, and less energy is converted into heat. Think about a halogen bulb. They throw off some great light, but they also throw off quite a bit of heat. If your lighting is hot enough to burn you, think of the damage it can cause to your home, the environment and your wallet. Plus, eco-friendly lighting helps save energy in and around places like businesses, where lighting is needed for long periods of time.

Plus, the cost of eco friendly lighting continues to fall with the rise of its popularity. We’ll be seeing LEDs, like Oelo’s permanent LED lighting options, replacing many homes, business and municipalities outdoor and indoor lighting, decreasing their carbon footprint and their total cost of energy usage overall in the next 15 years.


Eco-Friendly Lighting Has a Much Longer Lifespan

When your lighting has a longer lifespan, you lower your carbon emissions. The longer lifespan of energy efficient lighting means consumers replace lights less, which results in reduced production, fewer manufacturing processes, less packaging waste and lower transportation emissions.

LED lighting is capable of producing more than 60,000 hours of light. Compare that to 15,000 hours of light from a fluorescent bulb, or 1,000 hours from an incandescent. The initial upfront cost might seem more expensive, but LED’s lifespans save you money in the long run.


Energy Saving Lights Boast Intelligent Options

Today, lighting can do much more than just brighten a room or lighten outdoor areas. It can ease environmental impact, act as a security device, boost work productivity and set the ambiance in your favorite space. When environmentally friendly lights, like Oelo’s LED lighting solutions, are paired with smart sensors and controls, you can have a sustainable lighting solution that turns on and off with your voice, movement or built-in timer. You can even change the light colors to your favorite music.

This Earth Day, explore what’s possible with energy efficient lighting and check out another great post from the Oelo blog for more information about our products and the advantages of choosing Oelo over traditional string lighting for holidays and outdoor living spaces.



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