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Top 10 Reasons to Install Permanent LED Christmas Lights on Your Home

Things to Consider When You Choose Permanent LED Christmas Lights  

You've probably been involved in some friendly neighborhood competition, where everyone tries to outdo each other on the Christmas lights. This year, as you climb your ladder, you may be saying to your strands of lights, "please work". We're here to tell you not to worry about burned out bulbs and neighborhood battles or even climbing up your ladder to hang those temporary lights. Permanent LED Christmas lights are here and they're designed to be used year-round.


Top 10 Reasons to Install Permanent LED Christmas Lights

  1. They last longer -- as in years, not just a season or two.
  2. Safer for you and the kids
  3. Cooler to the touch
  4. Seamless design that blends into your home's infrastructure
  5. Virtually invisible during the day
  6. No more taking them up then down during the holiday season - enjoy cocoa with the kids instead of hours hanging lights
  7. Use them year-round for different occasions -- birthday parties, July 4th, etc.
  8. Change colors as often as you like or stay with simple white
  9. 85% more energy efficient saving you money
  10. They can be professionally installed

If you're ready to be the neighborhood trailblazer, consider permanent holiday lights and donate your old string lighting. With the endless color combinations, your ability to adjust their brightness, and how energy efficient they are, you can keep your permanent holiday lights on all night long if you want to and not worry about your energy bills being expensive at the end of the month.


Hire Professionals

 There is a lot of planning that goes into putting permanent lighting up on your home or business. It may be better (and definitely easier for you) to let a professional team come and install these lights safely and efficiently as they'll start with analyzing the layout of your house to see how much lighting is necessary.

It may seem trivial, but your lighting improves your home's aesthetics. Make this year beautiful and easier on you by installing permanent holiday lights, a task that is easy when you prepare in advance and seek help from the pros.



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