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Savant Homes and Oelo team up to offer a new home feature

Savant Homes and Oelo announce that they are teaming up to provide an additional outdoor lighting option to future homeowners planning their new Savant home.

Fort Collins, Colorado -- April 2, 2018  -- Oelo and Savant Homes Inc., today announced a partnership to offer Oelo lighting as a home add-on feature for new custom built homes. This partnership will provide an opportunity for Savant Homes to offer something new and unique to their buyers, and for Oelo to showcase their new lighting products.

Savant Homes Inc. is now pre-selling their custom homes in the new housing development, Mountain Gate, located in Loveland. When buyers purchase homes during the pre-construction phase, they become a part of the design process. 

"We build homes to meet personal lifestyles, Oelo is a cool product that answers the request for creating unique outdoor spaces. We are always looking at new and cool products we can include as options for homeowners to set us apart from other products on the market, and Oelo's permanent holiday lights are the perfect product to do just that," said Alan Strope.

Oelo's LED outdoor lighting systems low-profile design seamlessly fits home or business structures, remaining disguised by day and gleaming by night. Controlled via smart phone with various lighting colors and settings, Oelo permanent lighting creates evening effects for every mood, moment or occasion. 

"We are very excited to team up with Savant Homes," said Clay Horst, COO of Oelo. "Our desire to create the ideal environment goes well beyond special occasions. Our everyday surroudings are a direct reflection of who we are and of our individual lifestyles. More than ever before, those lifestyles are being enjoyed outdoors." 

Oelo lighting systems are powered by individual LED engines to deliver safe, energy-efficient and configurable lighting solutions that are designed to withstand the elements year-round. The Oelo lighting system is comprised of a durable channel that houses the LED light engines. The channels are available in nine color options to match the exterior of the home or busienss, and the LED engiens come in single- or multi-colored options with millions of potential color hues. Each system multi-colored system is controlled through the Oelo app on your smart device and can easily be installed with the help of a local installer.

For more information about Oelo lighting solutions, visit www.oelo.com. For more information about savant Homes Inc., visit www.savanthomesinc.com.

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As a Colorado company with a love of the outdoors, Oelo is passionate about outdoor lighting solutions. Whether you want to illuminate your home, brighten your business, or use lighting to enjoy an outdoor living space all year long, Oelo provides top-qulaity products to make it happen. With excellent customer service from design to purchase and installation, Oelo will help bring your unique vision and style to light.



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