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The Advantages of Oelo's Permanent LED Lighting for the Environment

We’re sure you’ve heard over and over again the praises of modern outdoor lighting. It’s benefits—mostly that it will put some cash back in your wallet—and how energy-efficient it is.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Saves You Money  

That’s all true. LED lighting converts more energy into light and less energy into heat, so it takes less energy to light them. In fact, 95% of the energy that goes into powering LEDs is converted into light, while only 5% is wasted as heat. In comparison, 95% of the energy used to power fluorescent or incandescent lighting is wasted as heat, while only 5% is converted to light. Because of this low energy usage, LEDs ultimately reduce the demand for power, which helps you put that cash back in your wallet, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Holiday Lighting Made the Switch to Safe, So Should You

Probably one of the most prevalent lighting trends to quickly make the switch to LEDs was holiday lighting. LED seasonal lighting consumes way less electricity than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs and offers the following benefits:

  • Safer: LEDs are cool to the touch, therefore reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers
  • Sturdier: LEDs are not made with glass lenses. Instead, they are made with epoxy lenses that aren’t as prone to breaking when being stored.
  • Longer lasting: LED outdoor lighting can be used year-after-year for more than 15 seasons.
  • Easier to install: You can connect multiple strands of LED lighting end-to-end without overloading your wall socket.

You’re also able to recycle LED lighting when you’re finished with it, if that option is available in your area.

The Perks of Permanent Exceed Expectations for Your Environment

Those are some amazing perks, right? We thought so, too! That’s why, at Oelo, we took holiday LED lighting a step farther and made it permanent. Not only are our two lines of LED lighting systems eco-friendly, we took the danger of hanging wires out of the equation and created a seamless, practically invisible design that illuminates your outdoor space without creating pollution.

We love the Earth and we strive to add our own touch of beauty to it with our lines of permanent LED lighting. We recycle all our waste and encourage our customers to do the same. Oelo is committed to sustainability, both in our operations and product designs. Throughout the manufacturing process, Oelo ensures that our systems are constructed of recyclable plastics and electronics.

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Not only do we strive to minimize waste during the manufacturing, installation, and shipping processes, we try our best to make sure you—our consumer—are minimizing waste, as well. When you purchase a permanent holiday or patio LED lighting system from Oelo, you’re saying “No” to the traditional string lighting and the waste that is contributed to the landfills in North America after many winter holiday and summer season. Our eco-friendly lighting lowers your greenhouse gas emissions and helps keep light and energy pollution out of the atmosphere, and keeps that cash in your wallet. We even offer you the opportunity to ship any unused product back to us so we can recycle it for you.

Plus, our products are permanent. Put them up once, and with our color-changing and dimmable features, you can celebrate every holiday, year-round, without having to switch out lighting.

What are you waiting for? Make the switch to permanent holiday or patio LED lighting today. Your wallet—and our planet—will thank you for it.



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