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Permanent Christmas Lights Add a Certain Appeal to Your Property No Matter the Occasion

Permanent Christmas lights are a great idea for those who hate the annual tradition of finding, untangling and then hanging traditional outdoor lights. While permanent lights are clearly helpful during the holiday season, they can also benefit home and business owners the rest of the year. Here are some ideas for using permanent Christmas decorations all year long.

Safety Lighting

You probably turn on a post light or other outdoor fixture if you know you won't be home until after dark. If you forget to turn a light on, however, or get home later than expected, there is no way to turn these lights on from your car. Fortunately, modern permanent Christmas lights can be controlled through an app on your cell phone from virtually anywhere. You can turn them on before you get out of your car, safely lighting the way to your front door.

Businesses that are open after dark benefit from these LED lights as well. They use very little energy, but illuminate buildings and walkways to deter crime and light the way for customers. The timer option turns the lights on and off automatically so they are never wasting energy when not needed.


Easy Directions

Hosting a party or get-together? Want to make sure customers find you? Permanent Christmas lights make your home or business a snap to find. Homeowners can turn their lights on in any attention-grabbing color and let their guests know what hue to look for. Doing so lets you advertise your gathering without hanging unsightly balloons and streamers from the mailbox or staking signs in the yard. Businesses, too, are easy to find when well illuminated. The wide array of color options allows business owners to choose a color that matches the company's business card, letterhead and other branded materials for a consistent message.


Celebrate in Style

The LED bulbs in these lights can be set to a wide array of colors and patterns. You can use these color choices to show your team pride during football season, celebrate Dad's favorite color on his birthday or simply add accent lighting to your home. They are a great decoration during all of the holidays, glowing red for Valentine's Day or green for Saint Patrick's Day. Of course, you can also choose to leave your lights off. When you do, they blend into your home's exterior so as not to create an eyesore for you or your neighbors. Your homeowner's association may take issue with those who leave traditional Christmas lights up after the holidays, but these discrete lights won't attract unwanted attention or complaints.

Permanent Christmas lights are both fun and useful. You can install the lights yourself with an installation kit or hire a local professional to install them for you. Either way, your house will be one of the best lit on the block.



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