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Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Home With Permanent Holiday Lights

LED lights are an excellent choice for outdoor decoration, thanks to their high quality and energy efficiency. Even though you initially have to spend more on LED lights compared to traditional incandescent lights, you can get the money back through longer years of service, lower electric bills, and fewer repair and service calls.

Putting up LED permanent holiday lights, however, can be quite a challenge in terms of coming up with a great design. Since they come in a wide range of colors, you might find it confusing which ones to mix to create the look and feel you want. While the design should depend on your individual preferences, there are common do’s and don’ts you may want to keep in mind when installing holiday lights.


The Do’s

The famous saying “less is more” applies to outdoor lighting decoration, especially when you’re using LED lights. Since LEDs are brighter than traditional halogen lights, you don’t need to light up everything. You can simply use more lights if your house is located far from the end street. This way, passersby can admire your home’s curb appeal even from afar.

The trick is not in the number but in the way the lights flow. You can do this by avoiding “hot spots,” an area where many lights are bunched together. Make sure that the lights seamlessly flow from one area to another to make it more appealing.

Another thing to do is to consider your landscape lighting. Your holiday lights should complement pre-existing lights to prevent them from looking out of place. The same goes for aligning the indoor design to the outdoor decoration.

In terms of the location of the lights, always remember to showcase architectural features like the roof lines, windows, ridges, and peaks, among others.


The Don’ts

It may be tempting, but don’t combine LED and conventional lighting if you want a clean look. These types of lighting have differences in hue, and joining them all together in a structure will only highlight that difference.

Another thing to avoid is using only green and red lights. They might be the most common and distinctive holiday colors but they also make your home look more commercial than inviting. Play with colors until you get the atmosphere you want.

Permanent holiday lights will stay attached to your home all year long. You don’t have to take them down after the holidays, saving you time and energy. This is also why you need to carefully plan how to decorate your house with them. Doing so will allow you to use them not just during the holidays but anytime you want to brighten up the neighborhood. If you’re not sure how to go about it, you can always seek the assistance of reliable manufacturers and installers who can guide you throughout the process.


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