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Three HUGE Reasons Permanent Christmas Lights Are a Great Investment

What's more fun than decorating your home for the holidays? What about...having your home already decorated -- or, at least, having the tough parts done. Get rid of those strings of tangled-up holiday lights forever. Permanent is the answer to making decoating for the holidays easier than ever.


Convenience and flexibility

What makes permanent LED holiday lighting so great? It's convenience and flexitility top the list. With its unlimited color capabilities, multiple movement settings, and its ability to be controlled through your smart phone, permanent Christmas lights make it easy to decorate for the holidays without having to set foot on a ladder.


One System, every color? You bet!

Permanent color-changing LED lighting is incredibly versatile. You already know its great for holidays because you don't have to get up on the roof in slippery conidtions during the colder months of the year. It's also great for a number of other reasons. Use it to support your favorite sports teams, such as your favorite football or hockey team. Utilize it to show your support for your favorite causes and awareness days, like going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness or green for World Mental Health Day. Use permanent LED holiday lighting to participate in community celelbrations and to illuminate gathersings with friends and family or to just let the pizza guy know where your home is.


Lower your environmental impact

Cut down on your holiday-decorating waste by switching to a permanent, yet easily concealed solution for your lighting. Season after season people buy new packs of string lihgitng and rarely utilize the opportunity to recycle their old string lights. Most of that old product ends up ina  dump and doesn't break down very easily. 

More permanent lighting solutions, especially ones with dimming capabilities help keep light pollution out of the sky. Beautifully decorate your home year-round with gorgeous, durable lighting and keep the stars above your home visible at night. 


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