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Permanent Lights Add Joy to the Holiday Season

As seasonal departments in stores transition from Halloween to the December holidays, you may find yourself debating about how to keep up with the Joneses this year with outdoor décor. An increasingly popular holiday lighting option is permanent holiday lights.

Outdoor Décor Made Easy with Permanent LED Christmas lights

This approach to festive curb appeal is brilliant. The durable, moisture resistant lighting channel was designed to blend seamlessly with the exterior trim of any style of home. Our UV stable lighting channel effectively camouflages the lights during the day, while allowing them to shine brilliantly at night. At Oelo, we offer nine channel colors to match almost any exterior, although the channel can be painted to match nearly any custom color.


The Many Perks of Permanent Holiday Lights

Best of all, Oelo’s energy efficient permanent LED Christmas lights are eco-friendly, using around 80% less energy than traditional lighting. LED lights offer other perks as well — including the fact that they won’t “burn” out like traditional lights. That means no climbing up and down ladders every year while still saving money during the holidays. If you’re truly going to miss climbing ladders, save it for your annual gutter cleaning.

You’ll be able to love your lighting for approximately 100,000 hours — that’s the equivalent of having them on 24 hours a day for nearly 11 years straight! Think of it like this: your teen can go to college, graduate and come home to the same beautifully lit house during the holidays, and you won’t have to pay a dime more for it.


Permanent Lights are Adaptable for Many Occasions

Speaking of color, Oelo’s multi-color permanent holiday lights are as adaptable as it gets. Our color wheel on the hand-held remote allows you to configure millions of potential color hues to change the color instantly, or choose from 83 preset programs available for your convenience. Imagine being able to customize your lights in seconds for:

  • Halloween
  • Hanukkah
  • Christmas
  • Kwanzaa
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • World Series – Did someone say the Cubs?
  • Birthday parties
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • And more!


Permanent Christmas Lights in Colorado and Beyond

In strikingly beautiful areas where the great outdoors is a show of its own — like our own Colorado, where Oelo is headquartered — complementary outdoor lights truly amplify a structure’s artistry. Permanent Christmas lights have become popular in other areas like Texas, where many homeowners also love their lighting. But if they haven’t made their way to your neighborhood yet, you could be the trendsetter.

Gone are the days of dangling from a ladder every year to outfit your home for the holidays, just to take your lights down again. Save yourself from an aching back, frigid cold and more — install Oelo lighting, then sit back with a nice cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the show!

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