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Energy-Saving Commercial Lights can Boost Guest Experience in Your Store

When it comes to energy costs, you can expect commercial spaces to rack up a much higher expense than residential ones. This is because they use more much electrical gizmos and lighting than regular households.

As a business owner, you’ll naturally want to invest in energy-saving lighting to save more on your bills. Apart from savings, however, you also have to consider the fact that the kind of lights in your space can have a direct impact on your customer’s purchase decision.

Here are the different kinds of commercial lights that you should look at when considering lighting up your business space.


Task Lighting

This type of lighting is meant to be used for specific areas in the shop that requires more brightness. For example, the storefront would need this kind of lighting to entice and invite people to drop by.

Meanwhile, dressing rooms, checkout counters, and customer service desks can all benefit from task lights. This is so that the clients can find these areas faster.


Ambient Lighting

Studies have shown that the kind of lighting you have in your shop directly impacts on the consumer’s shopping behavior. That’s why you’ll want your space to be well-lit.

The brighter the space is, the more inspired and encouraged a person is to shop. Having visual clarity as to the available products also make them more likely to end their visit with a purchase. A poorly lit retail space, meanwhile, can make any product less appealing to the consumer.


Decorative and Accent Lighting

Once they set foot in your store, you’d want them to stay, browse through the products, and hopefully, come out with a shopping bag; or if not, at least come back later to purchase something. This is more likely to happen if they feel welcome inside your space.

To do this, make sure that the design layout of your store is consumer-friendly, meaning that they won’t have a hard time finding their way around. Decorative and accent lightings can help lead the way, such as towards a special item that your shop may want to endorse to the client. It’s all going to depend on how ergonomic your layout is, so do make a careful study of the available space as well.


Test the Bulbs First

After getting a new set of commercial lights for your store, make sure to test the bulbs first. The last thing you’d want is for your clients and visitors to feel like they’re being set under an incubator in an uncomfortably humid day.

If you also want cost-efficient lighting, it’s advisable to use LED lights. Suppliers like Oelo should have any type of light you may need for your business.



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